1. How do you choose drivers in your company?

  • Police Nov
  • Nativity certificate
  • Guaranteed from his nominee
  • Guaranteed from his reference Driver

We ensure the quality of drivers by following these four rules. We also ensure the trust of drivers by holding the original driver's license.

2. New drivers are coming along every trip. Is "REPEATED DRIVERS" possible without this condition?

Our company has a team of experienced drivers. Through our combined efforts, we have set the framework for this. Accordingly, three drivers will be assigned to each customer of the company (selected by the customers). They do their best service in rotation.

3. We are the regular drivers of acting. There is a shortage of drivers at key moments. How does your company handle such challenging situations?

Our company was launched in 2014. We were relegated to the same situation the first year. Then we created the best possible structure, "COSTUMER REGISTRATION" due to the hard work and innovative thinking of our company's senior drivers. As a result, we have been able to recruit drivers for all our customers who regularly register in our company for the past five years.

4. COSTUMER REGISTRATION- What are the terms?

Under this framework, we receive some important information from the customers in duplicate. For example,

  • Registration Certificates of Vehicles
  • Auto insurance
  • Customizable photo
  • Customizable I'll proof

The form accompanying them should be duly completed and submitted.

" There is a registration fee "

 5. In most journeys, our travel plans fail or fail.

For example,

  • Choosing the right restaurant….
  • hostel
  • Right time traffic
    • Do you have any solution for this?

      Our company enables our registered customers to get two days' worth of travel plans in order to make our trip better.

      Here's an example of a Bangalore airport drop trip.

      There are five key points to consider in this travel plan.

      • Flight departure time
      • Perchase
      • Right time traffic
      • Fresh up
      • Restaurant

      Travel plans are divided into five categories to make the journey a success.

      6. In many cases, drivers who had already been confirmed two days earlier were unable to arrive at the last moments, so we were put in great difficulty. What is your company's solution?

      When a customer registers at our company, we assign their drivers and share the full details of the drivers with the customer.

        And we have built a three-way system for making a trip successful.

      • Full details of travel plans are provided to the driver and the client 12 hours before the start of the journey.
      • One hour before the start of the journey, the driver arrives at the customer's place, cleaning the vehicle and performing a basic inspection to ensure that the vehicle is fit for travel.
      • Then, along with the customer, he takes care of the travel arrangements and helps them to arrive on time.

      By following these three-way methods, we make the journey successful, avoiding last-minute tension.

      7. Sometimes our trip is canceled or postponed due to inevitability. How does your company handle such inevitable situations?

      Travel can be canceled or canceled for a minimum of 14 hours free of charge. In the event of a trip cancellation, you will be charged according to your travel record.

      8. What are the terms of an emergency call in your company structure?

      An emergency call should be made at least two hours in advance.

      Note: The driver who is free at the time of your emergency call will be assigned.

      9. What are your company's prerequisites for a sudden repair of our vehicle during travel?

      Most repairs are avoided by the "BASIC CHECKUP" carried out by drivers before the journey begins. In case of any repairs, we make a proper emergency call and arrange the trip uninterrupted.

      10. Does your company have online booking and online payment?

      Our website is driveever.in. Online payment facility.

      11. Do you get your service to customers who are not registered with your company?

      If you submit relevant documents through our company's website, a registration number will be sent by email. You can get drivers for your trip only if you have that registration number.

          " Customer registration is essential "